Quilting again

My (biological) sister and I have decided to take the Craftsy Block of the Month class (it’s free, so if you’re interested there’s no good reason not to do it!). We’ve both chosen mostly batik fabrics, though we have different color schemes. I’m excited.

I’m planning to learn some new and some faster ways to quilt, and machine piecing is fairly new for me, too. Besides, how hard can it be to make just two blocks a month?

Here’s my “badge”, and (if I can remember to do it) I’ll post pictures of my blocks as they roll off the sewing machine.

January (blocks 1 and 2)

Craftsy Block of the Month


3 thoughts on “Quilting again

  1. The Christ in me greets the Christ in you. Just found your blog and think I’ll follow for awhile and enjoy checking out your posts. I’m at Napkinwriter.wordpress.com and I write family stories, thoughts in passing, and many of my discoveries and experiences along the spiritual path. I now focus on the unity and divinity within and without, and tend to learn through the mystics, Merton and de Chardin, looking to nature to inform and bless me.

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