Quilting again, February

I decided I didn’t like the color direction that I started with and decided to change it. I’m sticking with the batik theme, but I like the yellow/green/brown fabrics the most. And I have more of them than the others, so there’s another good reason to shift around. So I redid the January blocks …

… and finished my two February blocks this afternoon.

Unfortunately the colors look washed out because I took these photos at night with artificial light. If the sun is out tomorrow I’ll get and post new photos with lively colors!



3 thoughts on “Quilting again, February

  1. Had to laugh at that comment—”hamburger fingers” for sure! I’m dithering about how to quilt this one, for that very reason. My HBC (hamburger finger calluses) are long gone. Sigh.

  2. Looking good! You might enjoy looking at the work of a friend of mine at EdJohnetta Miller.com.
    She started as a traditional quilter and moved into improv work…makes a block with colors and shapes she likes, then cuts it up and remakes it, and again until it suits her. Many of her quilts begin with a mola (Panamanian needlework) and incorporate fabrics from cultures all over the world. EdJohnetta is well-known in African-American quilting circles…check her out and you’ll see why! You might also enjoy trying her method of freeing yourself from the structure a bit!

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