More quilting …

I had to recreate one February block, (same pattern and fabric, but now it’s the right size), and finished the March blocks this afternoon. Sewing is so soothing …

February blocks, resewn
March blocks

3 thoughts on “More quilting …

  1. I very much like your March blocks, especially the one on the right. Nice work! I, too, have returned to more traditional quilting. As you say, soooo sooooooothing.

  2. Hello. Found your blog by looking for quilting blogs…and spirituality blogs… and here you are, and you are doing the Craftsy block of the month, just as I am. I use a machine, alas, and don’t quilt by hand. I’ve started doing some “meditation art quilts” that are lectionary based, and I’ve posted them on my blog… two for the first two Sundays of Lent, Year B. Don’t think I’ll finish the others by Holy Week, but plan to come back in future years to fill in other Sundays. I’ll look forward to following your musings and interests! Blessings – Pat.

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