Quilt Jones Update

The table runner, which was made using the we-built-the-airplane-as-we-flew-it method, is ready to send off to the quilter. In this photo the finished top is sitting on the backing. We have a large table, so this works for us (52″ x 16″). But I think it’s going to end up in the for-sale department when we get our little online store set up.

I was also fascinated by a faux pleated pillow project, and I just got a “jelly roll” (a series of coordinated fabrics cut to fabric width x 2.5″), which is exactly what’s needed to make this project. Here’s how that turned out (18″ x 18″):

I’m just a sewin’ fool …

2 thoughts on “Quilt Jones Update

  1. I did! It was the Daily Deal Double Cappucino Sushi Rolls batik. I used every pattern/color, but only half of each strip, so I have more. Will probably use those for the BOM quilt, or at least the ones that go well with the existing blocks!

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