April quilt block

Hexagon appliqueHere is April. This month we are working on hexagons and applique. Hmm. Not sure I’m going to do the second block … I enjoyed making this one, but I’m getting the feeling that these blocks are going to make a rather strange quilt when all done—what a variety of designs! Of course, the idea is to learn a lot of new quilting stuff, and that’s happening for sure.


4 thoughts on “April quilt block

  1. Wow! You are slowing down. Here it is the fifth of the month before you finished your block. And I’m still a couple of months behind. Groan! What did you use for your paper patterns?

  2. I’m in the Craftsy BOM, too, and found I’m not that crazy about these little hexagons, either. However, I’ll be going on a road trip in two weeks and think I’ll take these along to do in the car when I’m not driving. One of my goals for my first year of retirement is to learn various quilting techniques, so in that spirit, I’ll do them!! Thanks for sharing yours….

  3. I love take-along handwork, too, and that was the most fun part of this block for me. I did machine applique it, but if I use the technique again I’d hand-stitch instead. I’m jealous of that retirement thing … we are nuns, and we never retire — on the other hand, in the business world retirement often means working harder than you did before “retiring”, and I don’t have to worry about that, either!)

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