Not just quilting

Confession: wintertime hasn’t just been about quilting this year. I’ve also delved a bit deeper into knitting projects (and yes, you’ll probably see a lot of this stuff on our new online store … when I get it set up, that is!).

Lady Skywalker shawl, design by Laura NelkinI’ve never tried lace knitting before, so I took a Craftsy class (“Knit This” with Laura Nelkin, another New Yorker), and I really am pleased with the first project. This is a shawl called “Skywalker” that Laura designed. I call it “Lady Skywalker” — such lovely light pink yarn, I couldn’t resist.


5 thoughts on “Not just quilting

  1. It was old yarn given me by a fellow knitter when she was cleaning out her stash. I’m thinking the yarn used in the body was probably between lace weight and fingering weight (the 70% wool, 30% rayon plain pink). The label only gave content and washing instructions; it was “Brenetta” by Brentwood Yarn Mills in Brentwood, NY. Who knows when. It looks like a 2-ply, which would probably make it lace weight.

    The edging was heavier, definitely fingering and maybe even a little heavier than that (100% rayon). The label on this yarn gave the same basics (content, color and instruction to dry clean only); this one was Melrose Designer’s Choice by Melrose Yarn Company in Brooklyn, NY. Can’t tell about plies as this is more “woven” together than plied. Comparing it to the plain pink I’d call it fingering.

    I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out neither company is still around. Interesting that both are NY yarns, and one was from Melrose — as I remember, this yarn was a gift from a teacher at our little Melrose School.

  2. I am a pretty good technician — give me a pattern and some yarn and I’m off and running. But choose a color? Create a design? That’s where I drop right out of sight!

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