Summer has arrived on the farm …

… and in my bedroom. I awoke this morning with a veritable zoo in bed with me: flying bugs, an elegant daddy longlegs spider and even a cabbage louper were among my morning companions.

I don’t mind crawly/flying critters mostly (those with stingers on their business ends could give me a lot of space, though), and it was actually kind of fun to check out the menagerie who greeted a new day with me.

On the other hand, I could do without the critters who used my neck, toes, arms and ears (I mean really, ears?) to munch on overnight. Maybe I rolled over on one too many in my sleep, and their friends were trying to tell me something.

Okay, fine. But if you’re going to snuggle up with something larger than you by a factor of 100,000 or so, you have to expect some casualties. To which they’ll probably reply, “And you can expect a bite or two in return.” I guess there is a certain balance of give and take in this.

I’ll have to think about it. In the meantime I’m heading out for some calamine lotion.


2 thoughts on “Summer has arrived on the farm …

  1. Did you sleep in the barn? I am spoiled, I built a screen porch which sounds like I am outside without the bites and stings. It is wonderful the menagerie amuses you.

  2. I’m guessing the barn would have been more … um .. inhabited. At least my bedroom doesn’t have mice in it. Not as far as I know, anyway!

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