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Keeping the hands busy

Yes, it has been a shamefully long time since I last blogged. Life here on the farm just requires way more time than we ever seem to have. The brutal winter didn’t help much, as we shifted between trying to prevent ice damage and frozen pipes, and endless hours of snow shoveling. (Worst of all: where to put all that white stuff??)

Thankfully we believe the winter is over and gone, and we are appreciating somewhat warmer days and (for now, at least) rain instead of snow. I was, however, able to use some of those no-electricity days and too-tired-to-work evenings to keep up with some knitting projects.

Naturally I started about ten new ones, too, so I’m just now (and very slowly) finishing them off one by one. Here are a few of the off-the-needles-at-last efforts. (Click on photo to enlarge, and to find out what these are.)


Quilting again, February

I decided I didn’t like the color direction that I started with and decided to change it. I’m sticking with the batik theme, but I like the yellow/green/brown fabrics the most. And I have more of them than the others, so there’s another good reason to shift around. So I redid the January blocks …

… and finished my two February blocks this afternoon.

Unfortunately the colors look washed out because I took these photos at night with artificial light. If the sun is out tomorrow I’ll get and post new photos with lively colors!


Quilting again

My (biological) sister and I have decided to take the Craftsy Block of the Month class (it’s free, so if you’re interested there’s no good reason not to do it!). We’ve both chosen mostly batik fabrics, though we have different color schemes. I’m excited.

I’m planning to learn some new and some faster ways to quilt, and machine piecing is fairly new for me, too. Besides, how hard can it be to make just two blocks a month?

Here’s my “badge”, and (if I can remember to do it) I’ll post pictures of my blocks as they roll off the sewing machine.

January (blocks 1 and 2)

Craftsy Block of the Month