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Michigan Sea


I grew up near the southern tip of Lake Michigan, but I really didn’t appreciate my bone country when I was there. On my recent visit to Wisconsin, however, the Lake and I became good friends again.

I’m a firm believer that the Great Lakes are really inland seas, and should receive the respect of being called seas rather than lakes.


Michigan Sea. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Really, when it takes two and a half hours to cross by fast boat, and when in the middle you can’t see either side, that’s not a “lake”.  Not in my book anyway, and if I’m wrong about this, just let me have my dreams.

One of the things I truly love is how the water changes, not just from day to day but nearly moment to moment, depending on the weather. I was only in Wisconsin for a few days and all of these photos were taken out of two windows, one looking north, the other east.

IMG_0727I couldn’t get enough of it. Soothing one minute, then in turn awesome, frightening and funny. Going to sleep to the sound of crashing waves in a storm is a treat everyone should enjoy at least once in their lives.

It certainly worked better than any sleeping pill for me.

Thank you, Great Creator, for the blessing of water, for the lessons of power and beauty, and for rocking me to sleep in the middle of a stormy night.