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The pop, crackle, and mystery of lava

Puu Ol flow 7-15-13 - 1I have recently fallen head over heels in love with lava flows. For an Indiana-to-Colorado-to-New-York girl, that is a pretty strange attraction. But I stumbled across a blog by Bryan Lowry, who lives in Hawaii, and once I started reading about and then watching his videos and seeing his photos, I became a lava lover. (And by the way, if you have some of those what-to-buy-for-them friends this Christmas, one of Bryan’s photos would be spectacular.)

For the past 22 years Bryan has been hiking around Kilauea and lately around her active Puu Oo vent. He is obviously very well experienced in the science of lava flows … but add to that his gift for photography and videography, and I dare you not to be smitten, too. His blog explains the many faces of lava, how it flows, where he is on the volcano, and exactly what you are seeing. As with any expert, it often appears that anyone could lace on their sneakers and stroll around a lava flow, but the truth is quite different.  An active lava flow is about 1500° — one must know exactly where on the formation it is safe to walk or stand. A mistake can quickly be deadly, and this is only one of the many challenges.

Bryan has explored locations visited by very few (if any) humans in the history of this volcano. To see what he has seen is an immense privilege. It is well worth a few minutes (which could easily become hours, so plan ahead) to visit Bryan’s blog, his Vimeo page and his website, where you can view his spectacular photo galleries. I invite you to become a lava-lover with me.

Just to give you a little taste of the amazing attraction of lava flows, watch this video. Hope you love this as much as I do (or even a little bit — that would be a lot!)